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Email Contact Only Please!

Below you'll see a pretty little map showing our registered address. This is a mail forwarding address only and we do not see clients there. Similarly, you'll also see listed a phone number that will never be answered! Phone calls are a massively inefficient means of business communication in many ways - they interrupt the work flow, and there's no record of what has been said and there's no way of quickly referring to previous conversations. As a result, we conduct all of our business via email.

If you'd like to get in contact with us please use the form above to send us a message or you can email us directly on

All Hail the NAP!

You may be wondering why on earth we'd be listing an address that nobody attends and a phone number that nobody answers?? Good question! Is it for SEO reasons :-) You see one of the best ways to get any business off the ground is to establish the brand presence on prominent business websites; places like Yelp, Clutch, Bark, and many others. These are known as citations. There's just one little problem - they almost ways require a business name, address and phone number (known collectively as the NAP).

Hoof And Paw SEO Agency 
124 City Road
United Kingdom