Caroline and Toffee

About Caroline

Hi, my name is Caroline and that ginger ball of floof that I am holding is Toffee. I've worked in the SEO industry for many years. I started with affiliate SEO in 2016 and built websites in niches that I had absolutely no interest in. Later I went on to create an agency called Velium SEO that worked with various clients, and if I'm honest, I had no real knowledge of the industries of these clients and it was a frustrating experience.

I had a break from SEO for a few years to go traveling and then in 2023 I worked as an SEO manager for a web design agency who specialised in salons. Whilst working on this contract I learned how specialising in a single industry massively increases the efficiency and the effectiveness of the work done by the agency.

Combining SEO Skills With A Love Of Animals

Once that contract ended I knew that I didn't just want to seek out other work in industries that don't interest me; I wanted to find a way to inject a sense of meaning and purpose into my work. I wanted to once again branch out on my own, but this time bringing my own interests, passions and core values into my agency.

I have been a lover of animals all my life. If I'm quite honest, I love animals more than most people! Unfortunately, I don't personally have the skills to work with animals directly, but I do have the skills to help the companies and organisations that do.

I had the idea to create an agency that specialises only in the animal welfare and pet care industries. In this way, by helping my client bring in new business, that client is able to help more animals with their work.

Transparent Pricing & Clear Deliverables

The way I work is that I offer a monthly package of services which has a very clear set of deliverables. The pricing is based on giving myself an hourly rate that I feel is fair, but most probably much lower than many other agencies will charge. 

Every month I provide a clear and detailed report showing exactly what has been done, so you know exactly what you are paying for. I don't use contracts of any kind. You simply pay for the service and I do the work, and if you like my work you can continue again the following month. You are never tied-in for any length of time. 

Future Vision

There are thousands of businesses and also non-profit organisations that help animals in some way and right now, I am just one person. There are only so many hours in the day so the impact I can have working on my own is tiny in the grand scheme of things.

Over time, as demand increases, I will bring on employees who share my goal of improving animal welfare and have the appropriate SEO skills. This will allow the agency to scale over time and have a much bigger impact on animal welfare in the UK and beyond.