Helping You Help More Animals

SEO for Animal Welfare & Pet Care Sectors

Hoof and Paw is a UK based agency founded by a woman who is passionate about animals. The aim is to deliver SEO & digital marketing services for non-profit organisations that are within the animal welfare and pet care sectors.

There are countless animals in need across the country, with thousands of charities and non-profits that dedicate their efforts to helping those animals. The mission of Hoof & Paw is to help those animals by helping the organisations that serve them, in a professional and cost efficient manner.

Read more about the founder, Caroline on the about page, or scroll down to learn more about the service.

Essential SEO & Digital Marketing Services

Some people think that SEO is about manipulating Google, when it's nothing of the sort! Google love nothing more than a great user experience, awesome content, real engagement and links on relevant and trusted websites; and that's exactly what we do. There's no dodgy tactics here - just the very best practices that Google will love.

We only work with organisations that serve animals. Every aspect of our work is designed around the animal & petcare industries. You won't find mentions of your brand on irrelevant websites, and all the content we write is designed to inform, educate and sometimes even entertain the animal lovers that you serve with your organisation.

Our prices are very affordable, much lower than industry standards. The prices shown are exactly what you pay; no hidden extras. Yes we are a business and do work for profit, but our margins are kept low so that we are able to help the smaller charities that don't have very much funding available.

You purchase a monthly package which comprises specific deliverables, and we perform the work. If you like what we do, you can continue to work with us on an on-going basis for as long as you feel the work is of benefit. However, we will never try to tie you into any kind of contract and you are free to stop working with us at any time.

You always know exactly what you are paying for. Our pricing information clearly shows what is included and at the end of each period we provide a full report of the work done. You'll receive the details of every backlink built, every piece of content published, every post shared on social media.

There are some non-profits in particular that simply cannot afford to pay for SEO at all, but we can still help! We are building a complete SEO course that includes website architecture, your Google business profile, engaging with your social media audience and building essential backlinks. This will be completely free of charge. In the meantime, check out our blog.